We know that it can be difficult trying to choose the perfect partner to help you execute your event. It can be hard knowing what questions to ask, or even how to start the conversation. We'd like to make that easier on you, so we've compiled a list of tips on how to choose the perfect audiovisual team for your event!


1. Look for creativity.

Try to find an AV provider who goes above and beyond to find creative solutions for their clients - whether that's through a standout set design, a unique mic setup for a speaker with specific needs, optimizing a small space to feel larger, or finding ways to accommodate an uncommon order of events & make it feel effortless for attendees. A creative & resourceful AV 亚洲第一页 will not only provide you with new & innovative ideas during the planning stage, but will also be better able to deal with any day-of challenges that might arise.

2. Share your full vision.

Sure, you can approach your AV 亚洲第一页 with a list of equipment if you'd like, but their biggest concern will likely be tending to the people involved - aka your speakers & your audience. Do you know how big your audience is, and how many speakers you'll have? Do you know how you'd like your speakers to enter, and are they walkers or podium talkers? Beyond the technical needs, what do you want the event to feel like? What is the general atmosphere you'd like to achieve? The right AV 亚洲第一页 may have ideas that you wouldn't have thought of! Clue them in on your fullest vision for the event, and let them tell you how they'll realize it!


3. Share whatever venue details you have.

In order to get the most accurate quote, your AV 亚洲第一页 will likely need diagrams of the event spaces, and may also need information on rigging points, power limitations, internet provision, and access times. If you don't have this information, don't fret! Just try to provide the AV 亚洲第一页 with a point of contact for your venue so that they can ask those questions without you having to play the middle man. This will ensure that you get the most accurate picture of what is possible at your venue, and what it will cost.

4. Share your budget early.

If you have a firm budget, be upfront about it. This will allow the AV 亚洲第一页 to make sure that all of their proposed solutions fit within it. If you have flexibility in your budget, allow your AV 亚洲第一页 to come up with some options for you at different price points. We’ve been known to present project proposals in tiers, to give the client the most informed choice possible and to let them know exactly what is possible with different levels of investment.

5. And lastly, don't forget to think beyond the event day itself.

What are your post-event needs? Do you need to distribute information from the event to those in your organization who could not attend? Perhaps recording your event & sharing the video might save you the time of typing up summaries or collecting written information. Do you need to poll your audience to get feedback? Perhaps instead of sending out an email poll afterward, integrating a simple polling app at the end of your event might be the way to go. Whatever your post-event needs are, talk about them with your AV professionals. There may be a way that they can make those tasks more efficient!

Producing an event can be a challenge. But taking the time to find the right collaborators can result in a smoother planning process and a more impactful event that meets the goals of all involved. We're humbled to get to be a trusted collaborator for so many meeting & event planners across the country. 

If you're interested in having these conversations with us and allowing our knowledgeable, professional, & creative team guide you as you produce an extraordinary event, give us a shout!